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Singing Hearts Children's Choir (SHCC) is a non-profit organization established in 2008 by those who support public welfare and care about children's growth and education.

Through professional guidance, SHCC provides a pleasant learning environment for children to receive singing, acting and dance lessons. SHCC helps strengthen children's self-confidence and team spirit while developing their talent and potential in musical productions. Members of SHCC promote friendship internationally by participating in international cultural exchange activities and use their angelic voices and performances to move the world.

SHCC introduction

  1. Promote international cultural exchange
  2. Encourage international friendship
  3. Develop children's personal and artistic growth
  4. Emphasize family interaction and stimulate children's potential
Board Members
Sui Yuekun, Jenny Fei

Advisory Board
Wang Zuoxin
PHD of Vocal Music, University of New York
Professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

June Lee
Master Degree of Literature in Music, Westminster Choir College, USA,
Emphasis in Vocal Performance and Pedagogies of Music Education.
Expert in Children’s Choir

HSIUNG, Hsih-Lin
Master’s Degree of Music at the Tung-Hai University,Taiwan
Expert in Children’s Choir
Choir instructor for SHCC‘s summer camp in 2009

Administration Team
Top in the workplace with a great deal of administrative experience, our Admin Team is the powerful and secure support group of SHCC.

Parents’ Committee
Witnessing and actively participating in the growing process of the children, our Parents Committee is the most faithful group of supporters for SHCC.

Teaching Faculty

Li Wei Jie
Art Coach in Singing Heart Children’s Choir

Aside from his responsibilities as an art coach to the Singing Heart Children’s Choir, Li Wei Jie is also a teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in the Vocal Opera Department. He attained a Master degree of piano accompaniment in Germany (Musikhochshule lubeck). Mr. Li has won many prizes and honors, including two in Italy (1st prize in VAL TIDONE International Piano Contest and 2nd prize in XXI.ROVERE D’ORO International Piano Contest) and one in Germany (1st prize in MARITIM Musikwettbewerb 2007).
Mr. Li has cooperated with many famous artists such as Langlang (famous Chinese pianist), Yang Liping (famous Chinese folk dancer) in a number of performances. As a coach, his students have has success in many music contests such as the Hamburger Instumental Wettbewerb, the Deutsche Jungend Musizert, and the Steinway Klavierspiel-Wettbewerb.

Ye Ting

Graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, and further studied in University of Music and Theatre Hamburg with a Master’s Degree in Music Education emphasizing the Orff music teaching method. While in Germany, she worked as a music teacher at Fuchs berg Primary School in Hamburg and choir instructor at HanHua Chinese School in Hamburg. She holds an international teacher certification awarded by the University of Salzburg,Mozart Academy. She was also a member of several professional domestic choirs and won the scholarship of Ye Zhongwu, Hong Kong for outstanding talent and skill. While at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, she was a core member of the Girls Choir. At the 2002 CCTV National Young Singers' Contest, she won third prize in the Folk Songs Category.

In her musical teaching methods, Orff in particular, Sabrina demonstrates profound theoretical basis and rich practical experience. She is a member of Hong Kong Orff Schelwerk Association (HOSA) and currently providing Orff training in the teachers’ training center of East China Normal University. She is the editor-in-chief of a series of Orff course books. She also holds the position of Orff music teacher in Boshiwa Kindergarten. Since 2008, she has appeared in seminars throughout the country to offer Orff-Schulwerk model courses and practical training for kindergarten teachers.

Tang Xiao Feng

She learned piano and vocal music from a child and engaged in piano and chorus teaching for many years.

During 1996 to 2001, she coached a choir to get the first prize in the National Chorus Contest, won the National Youth Music Teacher’s first prize of teaching skills and was awarded as the Pioneer of the New Long March by Xuhui District Government.

During 2004 to 2005, she was invited to compile the teaching materials for Shanghai University for the Elders.

During 2005 to 2008, she established piano classroom with Shanghai International Studies University. She also invested and produced the famous singer Ping an's personal concert in Dec,2007.

Oct 2010, she invested and produced Shanghai Conservatory of Music outstanding young teachers’ double piano concert.
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