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Learn to be a leader

Good morning,everyone!

My name is Oliver. I am so glad and honored to stand here in front of you,and share a few things I've learned during this summer camp.

First of all,I want to thank all the teachers and professors. it is you who brought me joy,happiness and knowledge. All of you made this trip unforgettable,thank you all!

Last night before I went to bed, three words came up in my mind. Three words? to define leadership: wisdom,patience and team-work.

To become a good leader,you need to be wise to solve all issues, to make good choices, and also use brilliant ways to lead others.? the Desert Survival simulation has a great lesson that we've learned today.It teaches us how to select things wisely. Choose the things we need and abandon the things we don't. It is not only a game,but also something happening in everyday? life. We have to make a lot of decisions everyday. In many cases, we do not? have enough time to think through, thus making a wise choice could be? difficult; but you do not have to be wise today, you can start learning to be, take your time, learn from the bad choices, and become wiser and wiser.

Patience. A leader must have patience. A leader is not someone who gives? orders to others,but someone who leads others with patience.He or she should be in the group,not beyond the group, whatever happens they should be patient with the? team members. when something goes wrong or a time constraint comes up,they should be the one to take the blame and responsibility. A leader should never blame? others, A leader should always remember that other members might not be as good as them, so being patient is important.They will become better and better.

Team-work. When my team was playing the marshmallow game,Angelina stood out and lead us. She divided us into small groups,some of us built the base of the standing structure while others were making the structure taller. We cooperated in a really good way (though in the end we still failed,just ignore that fact~). Anyway,we built a marvelous foundation with lots of spaghetti,but when we tried to make the structure taller,we figured out that we were running out of either spaghetti or tape. In order to win the game,we started pulling out spaghetti from the bottom and added them onto the top of the building. At beginning,it seemed all right, but as soon as we put the marshmallow on the top of it, the whole structure started falling apart. We all learned a lot from that failure.The game is not just for fun.It taught us one alone is never enough, we can be stronger when we work together.Just like? the spaghetti,they are weak when they are alone,but together,they make a? beautiful artifact.

Wisdom, patience and team-work make us leaders.
The leadership program inspired us all and I believe we can all be excellent? leaders when we grow up.

Thank you!?????

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